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Click here to learn more about Trinity's architecture

Click here to learn more about Trinity's architecture


Click here to access the Member Directory

Click on the above picture to open the current edition of the Member Directory.


Trinity's online Member Directory

In this section you can find the contact information for specific people at Trinity. To protect privacy, only current members are allowed access to this area. To get the contact information for the main church office, click the "Contact" button to the left, or click here.

If you have been given a username and password, click on the picture above to view the Member Directory. If you are a member but do not have a username and password, please contact the office by e-mailing


How to use FlashPaper to view the Directory

Once you have opened the Directory, there will be a small toolbar at the top of the screen that gives you some viewing and other options you can try out. You can move what you see on the screen by clicking and holding your mouse button on the directory, then moving the mouse to "drag" the document around with the hand cursor.

Click the arrows on the toolbar to flip to the other pages, or click the printer icon to print a paper copy.

You can also search for a specific person by typing in the name of the person (or any part of the name) in the small box at the top of the page with the magnifying glass next to it. Once you've typed in the name, click the magnifying glass or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to start the search. The name that matches your search will be shown and highlighted on the screen.

If you want to search for the next instance of what you typed (for example if you have searched for the name "Rob" and there are 4 Roberts in the directory), simply click the magnifying glass or press the "Enter" key again and the next match will be shown.

All settings will go back to the defaults once you close the document, so feel free to try out the zoom slider or the other view buttons too!



In order to properly view the online Member Directory, you will need to have the free software "Flash Player" installed on your computer. If you don't have Flash Player installed or if you are not sure, click here and choose "Install Now": Click here to get the latest Flash Player

If you have any problems viewing the Trinity Window, please contact Kent Golden at:



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